So, phase one of the crisis is over. Now, phase two has started – maybe the new normal. Even though some kids go back to school, it is not school as we know it. Even though some people go back to their physical offices, it is not work as we know it. The constant stretch between paid work, care work, schooling, you name it, is not over. It might be getting even a bit more ambitious coordinating all the different blended models that slowly start to arise (school every morning from 8-10 for one child, no school for the second, being in the office every third day with the same few people, but not the rest of the team while child care is still closed).

How can we keep our moods and energy levels up, stay positive and maybe even thrive in this set-up? Here is my personal essence after nine weeks with four people at home trying to keep up a sense of normalcy. As weird as it may sound, while the obvious things make times a bit hard, some things got easier, when you look at them from a different perspective.