Alexandra writes about Organizational Prototyping in the March issue of Touchpoint magazine on „Service Design and Change Management“

How can an organization delve into change endeavors and create a positive impact quickly? „Organizational Prototyping“ allows organizations to co-create on change challenges and actively shape their innovation culture in a human-centric, fail and learn approach. Check out the article „Unleashing the Potential of Organizational Prototyping – A co-creative and pragmatic approach to mastering change“ Alexandra has co-authored, together with Gloria Biberger and Stephan Rein, both from PWC IXDS. It talks about the detailed methodology and benefits of Organizational Prototyping.

Here’s the abstract: Staying on top in an ever-changing and increasingly complex world has become a necessity for any organisation wishing
to be future-proof. Investments in change management and transformation initiatives are therefore becoming more and more valued. Organisational prototyping provides a lean, hands-on approach to incorporating change in a pragmatic and sustainable way.

Biberger, G. / Pretschner, A. / Rein, S. (2020). Unleashing the Potential of Organizational Prototyping. Touchpoint, The Journal of Service Design, Vol. 11 No. 3 Service Design and Change Management, p. 48-51. Service Design Network. Available at